Cash for Vote : MMS Define Honesty Please…

Economist Carried an article immediately of the July 2008 vote of confidence in the Loksaha by Manmohan Singh has a tarnished victory  . when the BJP displayed the money  in the loksabha for the  alleged pay off for the votes , the media called it Murder of Democracry by BJP  and was liberally used in its evening Prime time disussions..

Murder of Democracy ?  by whom? To begin with ever since the UPA govt came to power it has blatantly used every institution at its disposal for its survival, after Wikileaks, I have no hesitation in saying that the 2009 vote for UPA II and congress was beause of the favors showered on it by the election comission, by the CJI, and of course the media. We the People were conveniently made Fools and made us believe that UPA II won because of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh because of Honesty and his impeccable integrity.

with now the cash for Votes has come out in the Open. Can Manmohan Singh still hold the position of PM with his balantant use of Power to subvert Democracy.. What is the Value added by the so called Youth Icon  Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi to bring transparency and provide clean Politics. With Sting operations conducted by every Top Notch Media Houses on BJP and Rss in Particular couldnt sense that corruption ensured Victory.

When Vajpayee lost his vote of confidence by one vote.. he ensured that the Democracy and the Post of the PM  as an institution is upheld. but actively indulging in bribery and ensuring victory neither is Chanakya Politics and is not the Victory of the PM. It is the Murder of the Democracy on the Floor of the Loksabha aided by the Media and Rajdeep Sardesai in Particular.

Satish Sharma claims to have paid upwards of 10 Crores for every MP bought and had over 60 crores in Chests. Where did this money come from? It was sure black money, who funded the operation Buy out of MP’s. Is this money accounted for by the congress party. Will there be an independent inquiry and will the PM pass of the blame claiming not to be aware. or by merely issuing an apology. Where does the buck stop…

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My First Blog – BJP , Hema Malini & Godhra..

Sleep was hard to come last nite.. Reached office.. accidentally came across two things.. One is a Post from Pankaj Pachauri — The eminent Journalist on Hema Malini’s nomination to Rajya sabha by BJP from Karnataka.

The second one was Godhra Verdict… MSM is waiting with Bated Breadth.. today they have an opportunity to declare the secular credentials of the Media they represent..

Hema Malini’s nomination to the Rajyasabha has been criticised by Pankaj on the grounds that she is not qualified ( 10th pass) and she is a film star with over 60 crore asset. Wonder when did education become a criteria for contesting elections. if thats the case.. I am sure.. most of our Mp’s would be at Home.

Second Pachuri seems to suggest that she will be part of the Party which will vote for GST and other bills.. Ok… does that mean she would have been better off in congress.. One vote less against GST..

My Take :why are Journos so bogged down by a choice of The BJP.. when talk of the performance of these celbrity MP’s of BJP.. will they also use the same yard stick to Judge the performance of its Young PM in waiting in Parliament ( or is he too busy taking a Train ride and spending Night in Dalits Hamlets). Hema Malini has been a very good campaigner of BJP. and has worked hard.. she has a good attendance in Parliament.. Now Please tell me why shouldn’t she be the choice.

On the Godhra Verdict : if the Verdict goes against the Narendra Modi ( Media will scrutinize the judgement for one adverse comment against Namo) . Media will crucify him… bt if the Judgement is Pro Modi.. we will see candle Light Marches.. Politicians vying for the Minority votes call it a betrayal of Justice.. Media doing a complete postmortem on why Modi is the culprit..and then may be a 60 member team of Noble winners overseeing the appeal Process..

The Rightwing Phobia????






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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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